Brown Bag Seafood co.

Hours: 10:30AM - 7PM

Phone: 773.770.6173

A veteran of both fine dining and quick-service, Donna Lee opened Brown Bag Seafood Co. in 2014 across from Maggie Daley Park, after noticing a void in the marketplace—namely that it was hard to get good quality fish in a quick, casual environment. A partner of the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch, Brown Bag Seafood Co. offers sustainable fresh fish options ordered DIY-style, as guests select their preferred fish, format (sandwich, salad, taco, powerbox, straight up), and side. 


Brown bag seafood co. at Revival

At Revival, Brown Bag’s second location (with a third on the way), Lee and her team will streamline their offerings to focus on the Veggiebox and Powerbox, a choice of fish served on a vegetable blend or grain blend (brown rice, quinoa, wheatberries). While meals will be made to order, Lee plans to offer a “power hour,” where guests can turn up for a grab-and-go hot food option, which will change daily. Additional daily specials, including seasonal salads and sandwiches such as lobster rolls will also be available, as will housemade craft coolers—fresh juices made with infusions of citrus and soda—and sides such as truffle Parmesan tater tots and classic slaw. Lee also plans to unveil a new cilantro-lime slaw at the new location.