Graze Kitchenette

Hours: 9AM - 7PM

Phone: 773.770.6194

Order Online: Grubhub

Graze Kitchenette is a modern quick-service “diner” with an exciting menu featuring “Burgers & Bowls.” The chef-driven concept serves mouth-watering single, double and triple cheeseburgers, crispy fries, sandwiches and instead of a traditional milkshake, Graze blends thick smoothie bowls as a more health-centric option. 


All-natural, midwest-sourced burgers feature sharp cheddar cheese, raw onion, house-made pickles, and dijonnaise, served a buttery brioche bun. Available all day, the Egg Sammie includes sweet and spicy tomato jam and tangy pickled shallots. For vegetarians, the Tofu Patty Melt is served on toasted marble rye, topped with peperonata, melted swiss cheese, and a house-made special sauce. Graze’s most popular smoothie bowl pays homage to the traditional West Coast inspired Acai Bowl, topped with granola, coconut, fresh berries and an array of superfoods. 


Graze Kitchenette at Revival