Mindy's Burgers

Hours: 10:30am - 7pm

Phone: (773) 770-6241

From a myriad of awards for her pastry efforts, to publishing her first book "Cookie Love," ultimately culminating into being etched into the Chicago Culinary Hall of Fame, Mindy Segal forays into humbly giving more attention to the savory side of things.

By paying homage to one of her favorite things of all time - a great burger - Segal focuses her efforts for a loving take on a burger, fries and a shake.

Mindy's Burgers at Revival:

Originally coming from a fine dining background, Mindy always found herself just wanting a good burger at the end of the day. Now venturing into a heavier emphasis on classic, savory food at Revival Food Hall, Segal has also found new ways to incorporate the best of both worlds of savory and sweet at Mindy's Burgers. Bucking the traditional fry accompaniment, cottage fries will stand in as a perfect union of a hearty potato chip and a pillowy waffle fry. A turkey burger, a veggie burger and a rotating special burger will round out the main menu options. All of the buns for Mindy's Burgers are prepared in-house at Mindy's HotChocolate Bakery. Instead of serving a standard shake, a Hot Chocolate Soft Serve Affogato is the featured sweet item. Check out Mindy's Burgers at Revival Food Hall until March 2020!

Burger of the Month:

October features a “Meatloaf Burger” - a slice of classic-style meatloaf with tomato brown sugar glaze, apple cheddar spread and fried shallots all piled onto a potato bun. A comfort classic, burgerized!