Meet The Vendors: Antique Taco Chiquito

The Chef

Rick Ortiz - At Antique Taco Chiquito, we blend the freshest ingredients available from the Midwest with my Mexican heritage. The menu reflects my mix of culinary experiences, culminating from every kitchen I have worked in, my education from Kendall College and my travels abroad.

As a chef, you always dream of opening a restaurant. I never imagined I would have my own restaurant inspired by all the things that I love most; meaningful food, antiques and the opportunity to work alongside my creative wife and an extremely dedicated team.

The story of Antique Taco comes with many drafts, but the goal has always been the same, to create delicious, thoughtful food.

The Creative Director

Ashley Ortiz - Antique Taco is a combination of everything we love: flavorful food, antique style, and the comfort of home.

When envisioning the design Antique Taco, I knew incorporating antique touches in the restaurant was a must. Our vintage neon sign gives more than just an instant wow factor; it tells a story. The history behind each antique piece can often be the best part.

Having been an event planner for the past seven years, I consider every meal a true celebration. Each interior detail is carefully thought out, reviewed and then simplified. It is the detail that people remember but also the simplicity.

The story of Antique Taco is a simple one, find what you love and do it with passion!



Scout Ortiz - While my parents handle day-to-day responsibilities at Antique Taco, I step in frequently to provide love & laughter.