Meet The Vendors: Farmer's Fridge

You may already be familiar with the Farmer’s Fridge stall at Revival Food Hall, but did you know that we also operate our fresh vending Fridges in over 50 locations across the city of Chicago? You’re probably close to one right now! Known for our colorful, healthy salads and creamy avocado toast, we’re on a mission to make wholesome, balanced meals that are readily available to everyone with the help of our smart touchscreen-enabled Fridges. Our outstanding delivery team works overnight to keep the Fridges stocked with the freshest salads, meals, and snacks, all prepared in-house by our talented kitchen crew in our Fulton Market kitchen.

The Revival location of Farmer’s Fridge is the one-and-only “brick and mortar” location. It has given us the great opportunity to be face-to-face with our customers, something that is hard to do at the automated Fridges. It is also a test kitchen for our culinary team. Our Culinary Director, Jesse Szewczyk, uses the Revival location to test new flavors and dishes, as well as gather customer feedback. The best offerings stay on the menu, and sometimes even end up in the jars in our Fridges. 

One of our most recent recipe testing successes is the Kale Caesar Salad. The salad was on the original Revival Food Hall opening menu back in August. When it was “retired” to make space for a new menu item, our customers vehemently requested its return. We love hearing our customer’s feedback, so we listened, updated the Kale Caesar Salad and reintroduced on the menu. Due to such positive feedback at Revival, the Kale Caesar will soon be making its jar debut in Fridges all over Chicagoland.

Not sure where to find the closest Fridge? Click here!

In the meantime, stop in and see us at Revival to get your Kale Caesar fix, and to see what other new things we’re cooking up. We’d love to hear your input!