Meet The Vendors: Furious Spoon

Furious Spoon originated from Chef Shin Thompson’s dreams. In them, he peers back in time to 1960 Muroran, Japan, in Hokkaido, a port town where his grandfather owned a modest ramen shop. In these dreams, he worked in the store with his grandfather where they had daily conversations about noodles. He could smell the aromas and taste the flavors in striking detail. Today, Chef Shin, with the help of restaurateurs Anshul Mangal and Nick Baxter, realized these dreams and recreated his grandfather’s ramen shop in Chicago. Revival Food Hall is the third Furious Spoon location. 

Fun fact? Chef Shin's grandfather loved apples. Almost all Furious Spoon menu items & dishes (95%) have apples in them, from the soups to the sauces! Want to learn how to slurp ramen the right way? Check out this video.