Meet The Vendors: The Budlong

Hello from The Budlong!

We proudly serve Nashville Hot chicken in our space at Revival Food Hall. We are beyond thrilled to share such an exciting environment with so many great restaurants, and we truly thank the diners that come and overwhelm us with love for the Nashville Hot experience! Let’s just say we can’t stop smiling!

We wanted to share a little of our story and the Nashville Hot story…

Folklore has it the Nashville Hot style of fried chicken originated as a revenge dish. Cheating man comes home after a night of womanizing, wanting breakfast. The lady of the house served him the spiciest concoction she could come up with in her kitchen, fried chicken with lashings of the frying oil heavily spiced with cayenne. Her idea backfired as the man, Thornton Prince, LOVED the spicy bird. So began a style of fried chicken, and sometimes fish, in Nashville.

The Budlong founder, Jared Leonard, took a trip to Nashville and knew he was eating something special with the Nashville Hot chicken. He knows that Chicago has a huge appreciation for excellent and unique flavors made with love, and so began a two-year quest to perfect his recipes and techniques.

Everything is handmade and filled with a lot of love from our team… like the pickles, for example! We make our own bread and butter pickles for The Budlong. They’re slightly sweeter than your average pickle in order to give your taste buds a little soothing coolness before you dive back in for more crispy spicy goodness.

Which brings us to the local connection with our name… The Budlong Pickle Farm and Factory was located in Chicago, where the Budlong Woods neighborhood now lies, and includes part of Lincoln Square. They grew cucumbers and beets and were the biggest supplier of pickles and pickled beets in the mid 1800’s.

We brought the flavors of Nashville to Chicago, and we are proud to represent both beloved Midwestern locales in the space we share with our awesome vendor neighbors and friends in Revival Food Hall.

Next time it’s The Budlong’s turn to write a blog post, we NEED to talk about the biscuits, y’all. Game changers.

The Budlong team