Meet The Vendors: The Fat Shallot

Now one of Chicago’s favorite food trucks for gourmet sandwiches, The Fat Shallot came to life from co-owners and married couple Sam Barron and Sarah Weitz. The pair was simply seeking a way to balance married life with their busy schedules in the culinary world. In 2013, the city of Chicago passed an ordinance allowing for food trucks to cook fresh, made-to-order food on-the-go. With timing on their side, the couple received one of the first on-board cooking licenses granted to a food truck in Chicago. Their vision began with a desire to offer customers unique versions of classic sandwiches with gourmet flair. Thus, The Fat Shallot was born.

Before becoming the couple known for selling delicious sandwiches from a big red food truck, Sam and Sarah bonded over all things delicious. Their first conversation even revolved around the importance of butter. Sam was at the end of a three-year stint at Chicago’s four-star restaurant, Everest, when the two decided to take a chance and move to San Sebastian, Spain. When they weren’t indulging in Spanish tapas, wine and immersing themselves in the culture, Sam continued to hone his skills working at a three- starred Michelin restaurant under legendary chef, Martin Berasategui.

A love of street food was kindled when Sam and Sarah spent the next year together traveling through India and Asia. During this time, they gained an understanding of the importance of taking pride in simple, humble food.

Upon their return to the U.S., Sam and Sarah settled on New Orleans as their next home. They spent a year living in the Crescent City, where Sam cooked professionally at Bayona with acclaimed chef Susan Spicer. During this time, the two developed an appreciation for the food and culture of New Orleans, which still inspires them in their cooking today.

They then moved to Chicago in 2011 where Sam worked as sous chef alongside Jean-Georges Vongerichten at the re-opened Pump Room. After 18 months of hard work and long hours, Sam and Sarah decided the timing was right to be their own bosses and opened The Fat Shallot food truck in May 2013.

From day one, the goal of The Fat Shallot was to offer recognizable sandwiches and sides that people would crave on a daily basis. The focus on sandwiches has created a wide canvas for creating delicious and memorable offerings, while still allowing Sam the room to integrate his culinary chops. The Fat Shallot strives to reintroduce people to some of their favorite lunch items and remind them why the classics are “The Classics”. After all, bacon, lettuce and tomato taste really great together!

Besides adding two children to the mix, Sam and Sarah opened a second food truck, The Fat Pickle, as well as their first brick and mortar outpost at Revival Food Hall in 2016. Having a stationary space has allowed the team to branch out and offer new items that are not available on the food trucks. They are also beyond thrilled to have a restroom and air conditioning on the premises at Revival!

Today Sarah and Sam have an amazing crew helping them operate both food trucks and the stall at Revival. Jacob, Nick, Gabe, Dave, Nate, Jeff, Courtney, Isaac and Gerald all work tirelessly to make amazing sandwiches and help foster the fun and lively atmosphere that they all treasure.

Come to Revival and find The Fat Shallot by the Adams Street entrance on your next lunch. Try the Truffle BLT, Turkey, Grilled Cheese, Duck PB&J and rediscover why sandwiches rule!