Meet The Vendors: Curbside Books & Records

Customers frequently ask me why we opened a book and record store in a food hall. It’s a fair question, but if you think about it in terms of the artisanal spirit of craft, it makes sense. We meticulously choose our materials the same way the food vendors at Revival Food Hall carefully select ingredients to craft their menus.

Our books come from small presses and local publishers, and we work very closely with Chicago musicians and independent record labels to present a unique selection of records. We hand pick every book and record based on what we love to read and listen to ourselves and the overall quality of each individual piece.  It’s exciting that we can get these works into the hands of people who love them just as much as we do.

We want to be a haven in the chaos of the Loop. Grab some coffee from the Revival Café Bar and listen to our featured album spinning on the record player or browse through our selection of literary magazines. Chat with us about your favorite author or recording artist, or simply ask for recommendations.

We have the opportunity to talk about books and music all day amongst the great selection of food vendors, and aside from the daily difficulties of deciding what to eat, we feel right at home in Revival Food Hall.