Danke: Flour Power

Handmade bread is the cornerstone of Danke’s menu. It is the base for our handcrafted sandwiches and the perfect accompaniment for our customizable charcuterie and cheese plates. Our skilled team begins each day by taking dough that fermented overnight, and form into rustic baguettes that are then baked in a hot stone deck oven. These crusty loaves are made in the traditional European way, using a natural starter culture that acts as a leavening agent, as well as a long fermentation period that adds layers of flavor. We pride ourselves on being one of only a handful of restaurants in Chicago that produce this style of bread.

In most of Europe, freshly baked bread is a pillar of local culture and cuisine. However, in America, and especially Chicago, it is often an afterthought and rarely eaten fresh. Even though sandwiches are arguably the most American of all foods, the bread that holds them together is usually generic and almost never baked on-site daily.

When I opened Table, Donkey and Stick in 2012, I was inspired by the European traditions of baking and charcuterie. I hoped the restaurant would truly show our guests how delicious something as humble as bread and salami can be when made without using any shortcuts. Although Danke’s format is very different than Table, Donkey and Stick, we are driven by that same spirit. Our house baguettes, and the sandwiches made from them, have received rave reviews in the Chicago TribuneChicago Reader, and other publications. Come try one for yourself!