The Fat Shallot: Top 10 Sandos in Chicago

Here at The Fat Shallot we take sandwiches very seriously. We are enthusiastic about sandwiches of all shapes, sizes, makes and models. Not only do we love making sandwiches, we love eating them, too.

 A great debate rages over what qualifies as a sandwich. Some people are ingredient purists where a sandwich is any combination of meat, cheese and vegetables between bread. Others believe that and ice cream sandwich is not a sandwich in their eyes. Some live by structural integrity, where a sandwich is made up of two separate, and defined pieces of bread with something in the middle, therefore, a hot dog is not a sandwich by their standards.

 Here at The Fat Shallot we are inclusive of all definitions. We don’t seek to define what a sandwich is, but we know one when we see one. Our team has searched Chicago high and low over the past few years and eaten some of the best sandwiches the city has to offer. In an attempt to spread the love and gospel of sandwiches we have compiled a list of the 10 finest offerings in Chicago.

 Each selection is a fine mixture of great food, great atmosphere and offers a unique experience. Give any of the below sandos a try. We’re confident you will come away loving these places too.

-Grilled Pork Banh Mi at Tank Noodle:
Amongst many great banh mis on Argyle Street, this one is our favorite. Served on crusty French bread with classic garnishes; cilantro, carrot, cucumber and jalapenos.

-Superdawg at Superdawg:
This is a great classic Chicago dog served alongside crinkle cut fries. The pickled green tomatoes are really what steal our heart. On top of that, we’re swooning over Superdawg’s old-fashioned drive-up hot dog stand and giant caveman hotdog on the roof of the restaurant.

-Corned Beef on Rye with mustard at Manny’s Deli:
It’s hard to beat the classics. Served hot and piled high, for some reason it just tastes better than when you make it at home. Being served lunch counter-style also helps.

-Carne Asada Burrito at Taqueria Asadero:
In a city of many taquerias, this one reigns supreme in our book. Order it with cilantro and onion only. Splash on some of the salsa verde and me-oh-my, you’ve hit burrito heaven.

-Meatball Sub with provolone at D’Amato’s Bakery:
It’s hard to choose at D’Amato’s, because everything looks amazing and nothing disappoints. Meatball Sub is our go-to and we never order it without a cannoli on the side.

-Cevapcici at Beograd Café:
A self-assembled Cevapcici is the most amazing sandwich you’ve never heard of.
Cevapcici is a Serbian and Croatian sausage made from lamb, pork and beef, traditionally served on a pita-like flatbread with raw onions and red pepper sauce called ajvar and sour cream.


-Al Pastor Cemita at Cemitas Puebla:
We first discovered this hole-in-the-wall gem at its long time home on North Avenue. It’s since moved to Fulton Market and the food still holds up. We pass on the more notable Cemita Atomica for one filled with pork Al Pastor. 

-Burger at Au Cheval:
There is a lot of hype and publicity surrounding the burger at Au Cheval. Despite our high expectations, we weren’t disappointed. It really is pretty awesome.

-Italian Beef at Mr. Beef:
As Chicagoans at heart, we have a severe weakness for Italian beef. A sandwich done simply and done right with jus and spicy giardiniera at Mr. Beef, it’s hard to pass the sign without stopping in for a quick one.

- Masala Dosai at Udupi Palace:
Calling it a sandwich may be a stretch, but it is a filling surrounded by starch. This Indian-style crepe can be picked up and eaten sandwich style so we’re counting it. A vegetarian standout on Devon, Udupi Palace serves up a flavor packed dosai with chutney on the side for dipping. You won’t miss the meat.