Aloha Poke: Pro Tips to get that WOW factor you crave!

Aloha has the perfect ØNO Grinds--delicious food--for everyone. Whether you’re a newbie or been on the scene for a hot minute, this guide will help you create a super tasty bowl. Follow these ‘Pro Tips’ to help you combine the ingredients you love to get that WOW factor you crave!

1:  ‘Big-in-a-Kahuna’ or ‘Little-in-a-Big’


The Problem: A lot of people talk to us about not having enough room in their bowl, saying things like “I can’t mix anything around,” “It’s too packed,” or “I want to shake it up but there’s no room.” What can we say…we like to pack big bowls 🌴😏😜

The Solution: Ask for a ‘Big’ sized portion in a ‘Kahuna’ sized bowl or ‘Big-in-a-Kahuna’.  That way you can shake and mix around your pokē, combining all the deliciousness into one heaping pile of awesome. You’ll have enough room so your pokē bowl can party. Who knows, there may just be enough room for you to join in with your food as well.

2:  #GetSauced

The Problem: We have a variety of sauces that you may be afraid to go outside of your comfort zone and try, but why? Much of the secret to our good eats lies in the sauce.  Here at APC, we have designed our sauces with experts to give specific flavor profiles: spicy, zesty, sweet, citrusy & nutty.  

The Solution: Most sauces mix well together, especially when you combine one mayo based sauce with a non-mayo based sauce. Which combination is our favorite, you ask?  Try the Spicy Aioli & Samurai, which is the featured combo of our Crunch Bowl. You’ll get a lovely combo of creamy zesty and sweet teriyaki.  Need a spicier sauce?  The volcano sauce is the jam.  Otherwise, ask for our Wasabi Sauce on the side.

3:  Keep it simple

The Problem: In a post-recession world, we are constantly seeking the biggest bang for our buck.  This is why most eyes gravitate towards our ‘808’ menu option.  Don’t get us wrong, it’s killer…all of the ingredients and flavors blending together for a pokē fiesta in your mouth!

The Solution: There’s something awesome about a ‘less-is-more’ strategy, especially if you’re someone who struggles to navigate the jungle that is an ‘808’ bowl.  We think you’ll find that 3 or 4 ingredients with 1-2 sauces makes a world of difference.

4:  Fire Rice @ Revival Food Hall

The Problem: Are you looking to take your pokē game to the next level?  We always are.  Our location at the Revival Food Hall is concocting some serious food science, Bill Nye-style.  We like to make some of our hidden favorites for pre-shift meals.  Although we don’t do tacos and we’re not a Korean joint, we’re cooking up what we like to call ‘Fire Rice’.  You want to take your bowl from zero-to-hero?  It’s sweet, nutty, creamy and quite honestly, the perfect base.

The Solution: Ask for Fire Rice in the early or late hours at Revival Food Hall. When your jaw drops, we know it’s because you fell instantly in love with our creation.

5. (MOST IMPORTANT):  Have fun!

The Problem:  If you’re having a hard day, let us know. We’ll accommodate you and talk a little smack about that boss of yours who is kicking you in your knickers.  We want you all to feel comfortable with us so we’re not just another ‘place’ you pick up your food from.

The Solution: Food is fun, period. We love kidding around and creating our ‘Aloha’ environment around jokes, good times, stories and all other shenanigans. You’re our culture, you make our brand.

Well, that’s a wrap folks. There’s never a dull moment at Aloha Pokē Co. and we can’t wait to see all your smiling faces now that you’ve joined the big leagues with all the master knowledge you just gained.  And for all you freshman out there, our question is “What are you waiting for? Try our food already!”

Until next time,

Johnny, Noah & the Pokē crew