Union Squared: What in the heck is Detroit-style pizza, anyway?

What in the heck is Detroit-style pizza, anyway?

Our love affair with pizza began when we opened Union, our Neapolitan-style pizzeria in Evanston, in 2008 but our secret love for all things Detroit started long before that. When Revival Food Hall invited us to be a part of their project in 2016, we quickly came to realize the challenges of having a wood-burning oven inside of a food hall, and hand-tossing Neapolitan pies to order at such a demanding pace. We decided this would be the perfect venue to take our pizza expertise and explore our passion for Detroit-style pies, hence the birth of Union Squared.

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The tasty recipe for Detroit-style pizzas are different from Chicago-style pizzas, so we knew it would set us apart from any other pizzerias in the area. We always make our Detroit style pies with light and fluffy dough in the shape of a square, bake them in a Detroit-made black metal pan, load them with creamy Wisconsin brick cheese all the way to the edges, and finish with our delicious house recipe tomato sauce. We offer eleven different whole pies, five 1/4 pies, three salads options and a sandwich, daily. We could put out five varieties of our 1/4 pies fast enough for busy folks on tight work schedules without sacrificing any of the quality that makes them unique and so darn delicious.

One of America’s favorite foods comes complete with its very own piece of American history!
In 1946 Detroit the troops returned from World War II with an interest for the new and different flavors of Europe. In a brilliant stroke of genius, Gus Guerra of Buddy’s enlisted his wife Anna to create a new type of pizza. Anna used her Sicilian Mother’s recipes to create this new pepperoni pie recipe. Together they changed the landscape of pizza in Detroit and greater Michigan forever.

Detroit-style pizzas are totally different from any other pizza in the rest of the country. Some people call them Sicilian red-tops, others call them upside-down pizzas, but most people from Detroit just call it pizza!

We’ve noticed that most Detroiters often seem a little confused about the term “Detroit-style.” They usually just ask, “…You mean like Buddy’s?” and our answer would most definitely be, “We sure hope you think so!”

While our pizza is proudly inspired by our favorite traditional Detroit-style pies like Buddy’s, Cloverleaf, and Shields, we don’t stop there. We are excited to be one of the few in Chicago
sharing some new takes on this delicious Detroit classic!

If you’re used to eating Chicago deep dish, be prepared to experience something quite different. Instead of wanting a nap, this melt-in-your-mouth pizza with a tender fluffy crust, gooey brick cheese, crispy edges and tangy sauce will inevitably leave you wanting more.

If you’re headed north of the city and craving some Detroit pies, please feel free to swing by our beer garden at Union Squared in Evanston. Just like at our flagship store, Union Pizzeria, at Union Squared we prepare our dough and toppings daily with only the finest ingredients that are locally sourced from farmers and butchers whenever possible!

Order a whole pie to share with someone you love today. We hope you love our pies as much as Detroiters love Buddy’s, and we love Detroit!