Antique Taco Chiquito has you covered!

Food allergies? Special diet? Antique Taco Chiquito has you covered!

·       Gluten-free? You’ll be happy to learn that all of our tacos are served on handmade, non-GMO white corn tortillas. In fact, all of the tacos on our menu are gluten-free, except our crispy fish tacos, which feature a beer-batter tempura. We can also easily leave out the tortilla strips on our Antique Taco Salad to make that gluten-free, as well. Our tortilla chips are made from corn, but please note that they are fried in the same oil as our crispy fish, so there is the potential for gluten cross-contamination. If you’re looking for a gluten-free sweet treat, be sure to try our horchata milkshake, which was recently featured in the Chicago Tribune!

·    Dairy-free? All of our tacos can be easily modified to be dairy-free, except for our sweet & spicy chicken tacos, which feature chicken marinated in Greek yogurt. In addition, we can happily omit the queso fresco from our Antique Taco Salad.

·       Vegetarian or Vegan? We have mushroom tacos and our Antique Taco Salad, which can both be made without cheese upon request. You can also get creative and add mushrooms, guac or avocado to the salad. And of course we have our classic Chips & Guac or Chips & Roasted Tomatillo Salsa that make a great vegetarian or vegan snack.

We strive to have something for everyone here at Antique Taco Chiquito. In addition to our regular menu, we also have weekly specials that may fit your dietary needs. If you have a food allergy or a specific dietary restriction, please let us know when you are ordering and we will be sure to make all necessary modifications and let you know all of your options. Salud!