The Science of the Secret Sandwich

Danke customers always ask, what makes the Secret Sandwich, SECRET? Let’s start way back, at our sister restaurant Table Donkey and Stick. Same great bread baked daily, same awesome charcuterie made in-house. When TDS opened, charcuterie was sold as a wanderteller plate, or traveller’s plate, with three charcuterie or cheese items plus bread and accoutrements like jams and pickled vegetables. Like any loyal staff with an extensive knowledge of the menu, our employees invented their own frankenstein sandwich of house favorites. First, order your meats, namely Schweinkopf (cured pigs head) and Duck Liver Mousse. Then order your cheese, preferably an alpine-style cheese like Gruyere. Request the rye baguette for bread and send it off to the kitchen along with a note of love and admiration to the BOH family.

With Danke as Table Donkey and Stick’s lil’ sister, there is no need for instructions or sonnets to a chef. We celebrate the best kept Secret (sandwich) of Revival Food Hall, which includes:

Duck Liver Mousse - made in-house, our secret to their decadence is that we soak them in milk first to remove the metallic flavor that often comes along with this iron-heavy delicacy.
Cured Pork Belly - we roll this puppy up tight and circulate it for hours on end with a special blend of spices making it tender and flavorful, then we slice it deli-style.
Arugula - to add just a bit of earthy bite
Emmental Cheese - A traditional swiss cheese with a buttery, tangy sweetness
Smoked, Pickled Onions - Smoked then pickled to give you a delightfully complex crunch
Whole Grain Mustard - a sharp sauce with a little pop
SERVED ON OUR HOUSE BAGUETTE - it goes without saying, this bread (baked fresh daily) is infamous.

Not only can you find this gem of a sandwich daily at Danke in Revival Food Hall - In honor of Table Donkey and Stick’s 5th birthday, you can find it nightly until 7pm when you cozy up to our bar in Logan Square.

Table Donkey and Stick is located at 2728 W Armitage Avenue in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood. Danke is a wine bar & sandwich shop centrally located inside Revival Food Hall.

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