DANKE Meats & Cheeses

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picnic basket 4.jpg

DANKE Meats & Cheeses



Pick Three Items from the Selection of Cheeses & Meats
(Includes Bread + Accoutrements)


  • ‘Windsor County Tomme’ Raw Cow – Spring Brook Farm, VT
    • Firm, buttery, earthy
  • ‘Alpha Tolman Cellars’ Raw Cow – Jasper Hill, VT
    • Semi-firm, alpine-style, fruit & nut flavors
  • ‘Brabander Fromagerie’ Gouda – L’Amuse, NLD
    • Pasteurized goat, firm, full-flavored
  • ‘Cambozola Black Label’ Brie-Style Gorgonzola – Champignon, GER
    • Pasteurized cow, creamy
  • ‘Red Rock Blue’ Cheddar – Roelli, WI
    • Pasteurized cow, cellar-aged, creamy


  • DLM (Duck Liver Mousse) – Danke IL
  • Schweinebauch Sliced Pork Belly – Danke, IL
    • Cured & slow cooked
  • Pork Country Pate – Danke, IL
    • Thick-cut, bacon-wrapped
  • Proscuitto – Volpi, MO
    • Classic Italian-style, salted & air dried, sliced paper-thin
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This item is to be part of a RFH Picnic Basket and only available for pick-up. To order food from a vendor for delivery please see their individual page (linked to in the description above) for options.