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TOMI is a joyful elevation of Japanese Cuisine created by Trisha Bun, former Director of Operations and visionary behind Culinary Painting at West Town’s beloved Yuzu Sushi and Robata Grill. With TOMI, Bun continues to accelerate sushi’s rich tradition of combining fresh, natural, healthy ingredients with high art.

This vibrant original-concept fast-casual gourmet establishment is a celebration of fresh, delectable, creative Japanese cuisine. Revival Food Hall welcomes TOMI to its landmark curation of Chicago restaurateurs offering affordable gourmet fare on the go. With TOMI, Bun collaborates with Chef Pamela Decker of Michelin-starred Takashi, Chicago’s highly acclaimed Arami, and most recently the Executive Izakaya Chef of Yuzu Sushi & Robata Grill. Combining their passion for healthy, delectable Japanese cuisine with a broad palette for creative expression, TOMI presents the finest fish and fresh vegetables, an entirely gluten free menu, and dry goods imported directly from Japan, all in striking artistic forms that delight and inspire. 

In a stunning twist, rice paper used by TOMI is printed to feature the works of local Chicago artists, and the rolls and rice dishes feature herb-infused Japanese rice to present a colorful display of vibrant hues—from natural roses, blues and purples, to everything between— all using herbal and vegetable-based color. TOMI chefs also have mastery over a state-of-the-art culinary tool: the Suzumo sushi robot. An innovative Japanese technology designed by and for renowned sushi chefs, Suzumo lets culinary artists produce personal visions quickly and in volume, so that high demand can be met while still offering premium ingredients at a low price point. TOMI’s menu is a feast for the eyes, and guests enjoy artful, customized lunch boxes made to their individual orders.

“TOMI is born of a combined life-long love of food, art, and business. For me, these elements connect naturally and give me a direct opportunity to nourish and inspire people. TOMI is also born of a discovery I’ve made over the last several years as a business professional in Chicago. Which is that taking care of yourself is not selfish. The more we replenish ourselves, the more we can give the world. TOMI exists to nourish the bodies and spirits of our customers. I’m focused on supporting people’s creativity in particular, and this project does that in a few ways: by empowering our culinary artists in a positive atmosphere, by feeding people food that’s beautiful and rejuvenating, and by sharing the work of Chicago painters and print artists. We want TOMI to brighten people’s busy days.”

—Trisha Bun, TOMI Founder